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YMMV / The Iron Tower

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  • Complete Monster: Modru is Gyphon's right-hand man and, as Gyphon is mostly inactive, is Gyphon's most active agent in Mithgar, nearly bringing the world to ruin during the War of the Ban. Five thousand years later, Modru instigated the Winter War as part of a plot to free Gyphon, sending Vulgs to raid the Boskydells, and a horde of his Spaunen to raze Challerain Keep. Controlling his armies by projecting his will through brain-damaged mind slaves and executing any minions who defy him, Modru spread warfare to every corner of Mithgar, from the Boskydells—where his Ghuls torch dozens of towns and butcher numerous families, including those of protagonists Tuck and Merrilee—to the far south, and makes it clear to the captive Princess Laurelain that in the event of his victory, he will exterminate the Warrows, enslave the Elves and Dwarves, and burn her father and all his subjects in a single great funeral pyre. When Elven Lord Vanidor tries to rescue Laurelain, Modru has him racked to death, forcing Laurelain to watch. When Tuck attempts to free her, Modru beats him near to death with an iron bar. In the end, Modru attempts to sacrifice Laurelain to ensure Gyphon's return, gloating that while he could have used anyone's blood to feed his master, it amused him to use that of "a royal damosel".

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