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YMMV / The Guardians of Childhood

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Pitch gets as much of this trope in the books as he does in the movie. Is he an irredeemable monster who destroyed completely the man who was Kozmotis by the Fearlings, or a very tragic character who is nothing more than a shadow of Kozmotis?
      • Is there any trace of Kozmotis left in Pitch, or is he, as Emily Jane said "not able to be saved"?
    • Emily Jane too, as Mother Nature. People argue that she is as neutral as she said, but if she is good or evil is left to interpretation of readers.
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    • Typhan as well, was he a loving surrogate father to Emily Jane, who did what he had to in order to protect the innocent from Emily Jane's wrath, or was he trying to force Emily Jane into accepting him as her new father, and immediately punished her the moment she attacked him?
  • Broken Base: The transformation of Nightlight into Jack Frost and adopting the movie's design while ignoring the origin and his sister has been a mix reception for some. There's those who see the change as Joyce trying to get the fandom's attention by having the more recognizable traits of Jack at the cost of Nightlight who had a more creative design for many. While others love movie Jack being part of the books (especially as DreamWorks has abandoned the movie) but wish they had kept his human origin than replacing Nightlight.
    • Jack's ability to age at will has also been divisive. Some see it as Joyce trying to pander to the Jack/Elsa crossover ship fans as many fanarts and fanfics will have Jack grow up or be Elsa's age in order to avoid the age difference squick. Yet very few bother to explain or acknowledge Jack's immortality and the fact that he's still a preteen. This is also made worse the fact that Joyce has approved of the Elsa ship outraging many on both sides.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Emily Jane is very, very appreciated by fans.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Pitch looks rather flamboyant, what's with his bristled long hair and the overcoat with spiked shoulders, creases, big bright buttons, and the ridiculously High Collar of Doom.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The stories are based on Fractured Fairy Tales William Joyce told his kids when they were little. Both Katherine and Jack are likely named after his children Mary Katherine Joyce and Jack Joyce. Heartwarming Moment, right? It is until you realize his daughter Katherine died before these books were published.
    • Pretty much everything about General Kozmotis Pitchiner and his story. He was so great and he fell so far...they'd better include that in the next movie.


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