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YMMV / Star Trek: The Next Generation S1E9 "Hide and Q"

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Q's response to the Patrick Stewart Speech is to simply leave in disgust. As suggested by reviewer SF Debris, it's entirely possible that Q later throwing the Borg at the Federation, leading to Picard's assimilation in "The Best of Both Worlds" and vengeance-fueled antics in Star Trek: First Contact, were simply his counter-argument to Picard's pontificating, echoing his words with all the irony that Shakespeare had originally intended!
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  • Bizarro Episode: Q gives Riker the powers of the Q continuum, who grants the characters wishes, and teenage Wesley Crusher wishes to be 10 or so years older. Then suddenly, BAAM he's transformed into a strapping, tall and exceptionally hunky man. We then cut to Geordi LaForge leering at the new Wesley and saying, "Hey, Wes. Not bad." It has been noted by several sources that LaForge was originally supposed to be gay, but this is the only time it appears to be shown on screen, in this season one episode. Thereafter, it is NEVER EVER EVER EVER mentioned again, and the LaForge character eventually falls in love with a holodeck character then eventually an actual woman, and they live happily ever after. BLAM.
  • Designated Hero: While it's debatable whether or not it was right for Riker not to use his powers to save the little girl, Picard's opinion on the matter is decidedly atrocious. Instead of trying to kindly assure Riker that it was best not to play God, he was smug and snide to the point where he all but congratulated Riker for letting her die.
    • Gets even WORSE, when you realize that, perhaps unintentionally, the whole episode is set up as a BET. It makes Picard look selfish.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Picard using Hamlet to give his idealistic view of humankind makes Q very agitated. So agitated, in fact, that this might've been what inspired Q to let the Borg loose on them. Could there be a better species to put humanity (and Picard) in their place?
    • You can actually see the EXACT moment Q gets pissed. "So like a god." Q took it as a personal insult!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: As the internet likes to point out, 25-year-old Wil Wheaton did not end up looking like 25-year-old Wesley Crusher. Gene Roddenberry was perhaps a little too optimistic about his Author Avatar.
  • Special Effect Failure: The make-up that John de Lancie wears as Q-as-Data is decidedly patchy, with bits of de Lancie's skin visible around the base of his neck, especially in the HD remastering of the episode.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Probably unintentional, but Wesley Crusher gets gorily stabbed through the stomach by a "vicious animal thing". The image was popularly captioned "Wesley gets the point."


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