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YMMV / Sheldon

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  • Acceptable Targets: L'Acadamie Francaise and the British legal system, among others.
  • Funny Moments:
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This strip is even funnier now that there actually have been movies released about Captain America, Dr. Strange and Ant-Man.
  • Seasonal Rot: Over the years, the "billionaire boy genius" aspect has been phased out, and the comic basically became a mouthpiece for Dave Kellet's complaints and observations about modern life.
    • As one webcomic critic has pointed out, the staticness of the characters in the later years (or throughout the strip's existence, YMMV) is not necessarily a bad thing, as they're well-rounded, interesting, and funny, which is pretty much all a simple gag-a-day strip of this sort needs. The humor in the strip has changed from nerdy and newspaper comic-like to more philosophical ponderings.


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