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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Some fans have interpreted Luciana's accident as a deliberate and successful attempt to kill herself after having her childish illusions about Erik shattered.
  • Funny Moments: "Are you so sure a small jar can contain me, Madame?"
  • Ho Yay: Erik and Nadir, even moreso than in the original. Erik even thinks of Nadir after receiving a lovers card in a Tarot reading, and feels the need to reassure himself that Nadir definitely likes women.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Erik.
    • Madeleine too.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Crossed during the Persia section like there's no tomorrow.
    • The mob stabbing Erik and killing Sasha. A lot of what happens to Erik at Javert's hands qualifies.
  • Tear Jerker: Arguably 90% of the book.
  • The Woobie: Boyhood Erik, Nadir, Giovanni.
    • Raoul. Dear lord, the poor guy does not deserve what he has to put up with. He ends up in a sexless marriage, knowing that his wife married and slept with Erik the night before he died; and who now, while blandly affectionate, acts more like an empty shell than a person, clearly more in love with the dead Erik than she ever is with her second husband. And then when Christine dies, there's the sense that she was simply waiting sixteen years to be reunited with Erik. Plus the cat hates him. Sure, Raoul dearly loves Charles and vice versa, but good God is the last chapter depressing.
    • Christine didn't have it easy, either. Aside from going through all the same stuff she did in the original, she also realizes that she loves Erik only after he's dying, and is only married to him for one night before he passes away, likely during the same night. Then she nearly dies while birthing his child, is married to a man she doesn't truly love, never gets to sing again, and is never really able to get over Erik.


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