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YMMV / Phantasy Star III

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  • Awesome Music: Despite the game being considered the black sheep of the series, the soundtrack maintains the excellent quality standard. Like the rest of the game, it's different mainly composed of dissonant, eery chimes and bells, but sets the atmosphere very well. The main theme in particular is nostalgic and catchy; considered a fan favorite even by those that don't like the game, and the Lashute and Dark Force music can be genuinely unnerving and scary.
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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The Auto Battle option will see the player through every battle up until Rulakir, where actual strategy and use of the Gires technique is needed to beat him. Interestingly, he's the second last boss in the entire game and he's standing at the entrance to the Very Definitely Final Dungeon.
  • Contested Sequel
    • The case for this may come about because of the order in which people play the games. If it's the first game in the tetraology that one plays, the main story isn't known and this game's universe is isolated enough to be a good starting point with the rest of the games coming in at a later date. But for those who played the other games first... yeah.
    • It also was not developed by the original people as I, II, and IV. Combine with the story separated from the rest of the rest of the universe and the radically different artstyle, it looks almost like it's not even a Phantasy Star game.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Sari is stupidly overpowered. If she was a third-generation character, odds are good that the endgame would have nearly zero challenge. Ryan, on the other path, is just as powerful; however in his case he levels up regularly (if you grind, you might get Sari to level 2 before finishing the second generation) so it's a while before you realize just how powerful he's become.
    • The Fanbi spell increases attack power from an ally and is cumulative until the end of battle.
  • Narm: Some of the enemy attack animations are ridiculous, such as the Giants pointing their fingers, Grinders wiggling their ears, and Clops flexing their pecs while blinking.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Lashute music is, despite being 16-bit, absolutely unnerving and terrifying to listen to, and it grows on you as you travel through the dungeon. The fact that, on your second visit, you're greeted with "Death awaits you in Lashute, fool!" turns from Narm to horror when you're listening to this soundtrack. It's a perfect buildup to the game's penultimate boss.
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  • Obvious Judas: Lyle doesn't do much to hide the fact that he's Layan
  • That One Level: Wren's Cave serves as a pretty effective wake-up call for the rest of the game. You only have Rhys and Mieu in the party, money is extremely tight on Aridia, and worst of all, if you came to Aridia without optimizing their equipment, you'll be disgusted to find out that the shops don't sell anything they can equip, so you're going back to Aquatica to grab gear from Rysel. Oh, and did we mention that once you do find Wren, he comes completely bare of equipment save for a measly Escapipe?
  • Uncanny Valley: It is noted that Mieu never blinks.
  • Vindicated by History: Though widely seen by fans to still be the odd one out for the classic quadrilogy as a whole, it's gotten a sizable fanbase of its own for the expressive art style, branching story paths, minimalist yet foreboding storytelling, and bleakly immersive world.

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