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YMMV / Otis Redding

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  • Covered Up: Hit this one from both directions; most notably, he originally recorded "Respect", which became a big hit for Aretha Franklin. Also of note is "Hard To Handle," which is today more associated with The Black Crowes.
    • "Try a Little Tenderness" was written in 1932, and Redding's version was based on Sam Cooke's take, but it's now universally thought of as an Otis Redding classic.
    • "I Can't Turn You Loose" is now more familiar as the instrumental backing The Blues Brothers used in their live performance introduction, and from becoming a staple of marching bands at sporting events.
    • Bruce Springsteen's rendition of "Merry Christmas Baby" is explicitly based on Redding's arrangement, and is much more well-known.
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    • His version of "My Girl" reached #11 in England in 1965, which made it a much bigger hit there than The Temptations' original.note 
  • Signature Song: "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay".

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