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  • Awesome Music: The music for the game is, in short, absolutely stunning. Special mentions go to "My Burden is Light", the title screen music which perfectly captures the atmosphere of the game; and "Distant", a peaceful and beautiful track that plays at the end of the game if you choose to put the lightbulb in the spire.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Niko is a lost, scared kid and Reluctant Hero who awakens in a world already well into decay. YOU the player are told that there's only one shot to fix things, and the residents of the world regularly tell you that the world is doomed anyways, and your efforts cannot fix everything and may only delay the inevitable. Niko themself wavers both on whether they can truly save the world and if they'll ever return home. Then you the player are faced with a Sadistic Choice between saving Niko or the world. It's tough to remain invested through all that. The Solstice update replaces the Video Game Caring Potential that you and Niko can show to the NPCs with the other NPCs helping you out instead... and suffering as a result. And you're faced with an even greater apocalyptic catastrophe than before. You can FINALLY Earn Your Happy Ending if you persist, but it's an extremely depressingly demanding route to get there.
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  • Fridge Brilliance: The game is hard-coded to only be able to be completed ONCE. You're literally given one shot to save the world within the game, the game failing to open completely after you've completed it once.
  • Funny Moments: The pieces of paper you find scattered throughout the game usually feature puzzle hints or background info for the world, and many of them are as eerie and dark as the rest of this world, until one particular paper that's available late in the Solstice update which simply reads:
    • Especially hilarious considering that, in the Regular route, the same notes says that the stapler has been glued to the table so that it can't be stolen. That's right: In the middle of absolute chaos, when squares kept popping everywhere in the Refuge, someone somehow had the time to steal a glued stapler.
    • Asking Niko to put the sun in a crusher nets this achievement: Chaotic Evil.
  • Memetic Mutation: some Oneshot fans keep making Niko Bellic and Nico Yazawa jokes about Niko as the three share the same (or very close) name.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The setting itself: a slowly decaying, falling-apart world devoid of a sun to light it, and must rely on outside sources to bring back the light again. And the world will continue to die even if the light comes back.
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    • The "Entity", the apparent god of the world who communicates with you through computer dialogue boxes and error messages.
    • When you cross from the Glen to the Refuge, you have to pass through a corridor first. A corridor where eerie music plays and the area starts decaying behind you as you pass through, with the decay appearing suddenly and accompanied by crackling bursts of static.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The game does things like adding files to your computer and changing your desktop, not to mention modifying your computer to ensure the game is one shot only, outside of certain situations such as saving/dying, unless you play the game on another computer or restore your computer to before you played the game. While these are relatively harmless acts, it's all too easy to imagine how out of hand they can get. And then there's the general fear that comes from a game modifying your computer in the first place...
  • Player Punch:
    • The biggest ones occur when starting the game after either killing Nikonote  or having them return home.
    • In the Solstice update, in contrast with the first playthrough, where you and Niko are able to care for the residents of the world, the Solstice Route sees many people helping Niko out, and suffering as a result.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The whole "one shot" mechanic works wonderfully for the game, unless you either die by accident (by a power blackout or a BSOD, for example), or finish the game and want to replay it. The only ways one can replay the game normally after finishing are to: restore their computer to before the game was played, play the game on a different account, or use a different computer. Seems fine, except one may not have access to any of those options, and at least two of them will become inaccessible anyway after replaying the game using them.note 
    • For those who really want to try it again: open "regedit.exe" from the start menu, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Oneshot and delete the entry "ending". Strict warning: if you don't feel sure about changing the registry of your PC, don't do that.
    • A special function was added to the remake which allows a New Game Plus mode, averting this partially, but it requires you to run the game in a special way.
    • The way to get around this fully in the remake is similar to how to do it with Undertale; turn off Steam cloud saves and then wipe your save directory.
  • The Woobie: Niko. They're already a lost child separated from their family and stranded in a strange, dying world, but then later on in the game, you find out that they can only return to their home world if they smash the lightbulb, thus rendering the world they're trying to save devoid of a sun up until it dies, and putting the sun back anyway will only end up delaying the inevitable, while Niko will be stuck there forever, will never be able to go back home, and according to the Entity, will always be miserable in the decaying world. Ouch.


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