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YMMV / Naked Weapon

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  • Complete Monster: Madam M, real name Madeline Ho, is the leader of a mysterious organization of female assassins. After killing her own top assassin, she seeks a replacement by kidnapping young girls from all over the world and bringing them to her island, where they are shot should they try to escape. After 6 years of grueling training and kill-or-be-killed exercises, the girls are forced by Madam M into a deathmatch that leaves only three of the original 40 alive. Afterwards, she drugs the surviving girls and has them brutally raped in order to "prepare" them for having to use their bodies to commit assassinations. She has them commit many murders all over the world, and when one of them tries to reconnect with her long-lost mother, Madam M tries to have said mother killed.
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  • Fridge Logic - Kidnapping forty children and spending years imprisoning and training them, only to kill off all but a few? This can't possibly be a cost-effective way to run Murder, Inc..

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