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YMMV / Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser

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  • Best Boss Ever:
    • Any fight with Private Goomp, as they end with Goomp going to duel your Captain and spamming his Rocket Headbutt.
    • After all the Koopalings are saved, Ludwig decides to test Captain Goomba by sending out all of his forces before all the Koopalings come at you at once.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Fawful counts, see the main page for details.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Spiky enemies. Spinies and Sharpeas will damage any direct attacker from above, while Pokies and Pestnuts will damage all non-Ranged attackers. The spikes don't do much damage, but the damage does build up when combined with their actual attacks. Furthermore, as all of them are Melee units, only specific Ranged units are plausible for specific Spiky enemies, and they'll still take extra damage from the Melee attacks.
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  • That One Level: Pokey Panic in the final area. While it consisting of solely Melee units and having only three waves make it look like a cakewalk, the two most prominent enemies are Pokies and Spinies, two enemies with problems mentioned in Scrappy Mechanic above.
  • That One Sidequest: Two Challenges require a bit more effort than the rest:
    • Performing all skills isn't bad on paper, and the game is kind enough to tell you how many are left. The issue is that there's nothing that tells you what skills you've done already. If you have a good number left, you'll have to rely on memory and guesswork to find them.
    • Completing 200 quests isn't hard, but extremely tedious due to how high the number is. By the time you complete all the quests, you'll likely be just under the 100 mark, and by the time this Challenge is the only one left, you'll probably be a bit away from 150 if you haven't extensively grinded. The result is doing the first quest over and over until you reach 200.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Most of the Minions in the remake are series staples. Bomb Boos, who only appear in one level in Galaxy and in the rematch with that level's boss in the sequel, were not expected at all.
    • Fawful being a major character in Minion Quest was revealed immediately, and pretty much everyone called that he'd be the Big Bad. The Mechawfuls (now Mecha-Fawfuls) from Bowser's Inside Story were a nice surprise, showing up as the ones responsible for assaulting the Castle Town at the start of the game and being fought during the final battle.
    • Starlow's certainly an interesting choice, considering that she's normally with the good guys, with the closest she's ever gotten to working with the Koopa Troop being working with Bowser in Bowser's Inside Story. There's also the part where she didn't even exist in the original Superstar Saga.

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