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Funny / Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser

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  • Anyone Captain Goomba meets is expected to criticize him for having "an aura of stupidity".
    • The fact any other minion who's not him tricks him into jumping into danger first so they don't have to.
  • Goomba recruits some Hammer Bros. who have become best friends with the Hammerhead Bros. They all make up a horrid song about hammers, which then they ask Goomba if he wants to hear it again. He gets two options to decide:
    1) Umm...
  • In Beanbean Plains, a gang of Beanies attempt to antagonize the Koopalings for being on their turf while they discuss matters such as the missing Bowser. The Koopalings, in turn, bash them all away without so much as interrupting their conversation or even paying attention to them.
  • Wendy organizes the Cutie Battle Contest, so Goomba and Boo nominate Shy Guy as the leader of their group to amass cute points easier. Needless to say, the more they fight, the less cute points they get (even when they're already low to begin with), which only makes Shy Guy feel more and more depressed.
    • Boo then cracks a joke about Shy Guy while the latter isn't in the screen. From off-screen, Shy Guy chucks a turnip to Boo's head.
  • To the annoyance of all three bad Minions, they groan at the fact they have to stop the brainwashed Morton from totaling Littlefungi Town; a Toad settlement.
    • They then are constantly bugged by a Toad who wants their help to go get an Invincibility Mushroom. After begging them too much while tossing a bean reward, the trio reluctantly do it to get the beans. Under his breath, the Toad reveals he swindled them with how many beans he had with him.
  • During Koopa Troopa's introduction, Goomba is the one doing rhymes first, which only makes the turtle get attracted to them and speaks mostly in horrible rhymes, much to their chagrin except Goomba's.
    • At Joke's End, as everyone is gathering parts to repair the Koopa Cruiser, he manages to get a good haul of Buzzy Beetle shells, but then he says a bad rhyme and convinces the Buzzy Beetles to take the shells away from him.
  • Just. Private. Goomp. An antagonistic Butt-Monkey who forgets everything and always thinks he's best, you can't help but crack a few laughs at him.
  • The end of Minion Quest has Captain Goomba realize he caused Bowser's amnesia, causing him to get chased around and be stripped of his rank and title. However, his deeds live on.

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