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For the 2012 video game:

  • Awesome Music:
  • Fanon: The pocket flashlight You wears is commonly mistaken by players for a red tie, and drawn as such in many fan works.
  • Narm: Although it's meant to be a mask, the white parts of the Player Character's face can look like the biggest, goofiest smile you've ever seen.

For the book and the film adaptation:

  • Harsher in Hindsight: As if the terrifying descriptions of combat and death weren't bad enough, a man was killed at a screening of the film adaptation for refusing to stop texting.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The squad jumps off of a small cliff to escape the Taliban. When they're rolling down the hill below, there are lots of wince-inducing shots showing them landing in ways that could easily break bones or hitting obstacles very hard, and the whole ordeal leaves them significantly bloodier than the preceding gunfight.
    • The log where a man is beheaded at the start of the movie still has dried blood on it when Luttrel is dragged over to it.
  • What an Idiot!: Averted in that the film takes great pains during the captive scene to let the audience know how hard the team's decision is, effectively silencing armchair critics who might have a Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? approach. Granted, letting them go still wasn't the right move (obviously), but their choices were extremely limited: their operation was already compromised, their radios weren't working properly, and with comparatively innocent actions (such as taking a gun from an enemy) were being severely punished, they were reluctant to simply kill the shepherds. Doesn't stop most people from coming up with their own solutions (at the very least, zip-tying the boy to a goat or zip-tying them together would have barred him from his Le Parkour and slowed them down, buying much-needed time), but the pressure is very evident in the scene.
    • While tying the herders up was an option they discussed, they also acknowledged that it got pretty cold in the mountains and there was a real chance they could freeze to death, or be easy prey for the local wolves, which would have been treated about the same as if they had just outright executed them. Additionally, "Just tie them up" is an option that only comes up in the movie. The book specifically notes that the SEALs didn't have anything to tie the goatherds up with.


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