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YMMV / Leif Garrett

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  • Cash Cow Franchise / The Merch / Merchandise-Driven: In the late 1970s, he was this. He appeared in everything from records, television specials and magazines to even notebooks.
  • Contractual Purity: This and the various other pitfalls of fame is said to have contributed to his drug use.
  • Fake Brit: Affects a British accent in some of his songs, most noticeably in "Same Goes For You."
  • Germans Love Leif Garrett: Though that car crash back in 1979 seemed to effectively destroy his first wave of popularity, for some time afterwards he maintained his fame in places like Japan, Korea and the aforementioned Germany.
  • Reality Subtext: In the 1985 movie Thunder Alley, Garrett plays the frontman of a rock band who is pushed aside for a younger, more promising guitarist. On top of that, the group is torn apart by drugs. Hmmmm...
    • His character in The Outsiders, Bob Sheldon, is a heavy drinker.
    • Art of a Bullet hits particularly close to home in how Leif's character is portrayed, as well as the events he goes through. (Drugs, jail, past trauma etc.)
  • Signature Song: The disco-ready international hit "I Was Made For Dancin'". His covers of "Runaround Sue", "The Wanderer" and "Surfin' USA" also qualify.
  • Typecasting: Had this happen three times in his career. In his days of being a child actor, he was often cast as the Creepy Child, often Wise Beyond Their Years. In adolescence, he was without exception cast as The Hero, often a purity sue or a Love Interest. In adulthood, he often flip-flops between Adam Westing and playing the sexy Card-Carrying Villain.
  • The Woobie

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