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YMMV / Last Call

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The novel

  • Complete Monster: Georges Leon is a sociopathic card player who will stop at nothing to gain immortality. Originally devising a way to body jack his own children, Leon successfully turned his eldest into a soulless puppet before attempting the same on his 5-year-old son Scott, planning to make even more children and do the same to them afterwards. When his wife shoots him in the groin and saves Scott, Leon creates a new method to steal others' souls and bodies by tricking them out of people during card games. Though he has to wait decades before collecting the souls, Leon also curses those who owe him with bad luck that leads to the ruination of their lives and the deaths of those around them. Along with murdering his way into becoming the "Fisher King" crime lord, Leon routinely orders the executions of any who would stand in his way, even the infant children of his targets to make sure they don't grow up to seek revenge. Leon ultimately plans to continuously steal the bodies of hapless card players and prolong his own life as long as possible, having zero true care or concern for anyone but himself, bar keeping loyal servants around to inflate his own ego.

The fanfic

  • Unintentional Period Piece: One of the main characters drives around in an SUV, which characters describe as if the reader has never seen one before, occasionally calling it a "Jeepy-type vehicle."