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YMMV / Kahoot!

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  • Awesome Music: The lobby theme is a nice, groovy beat that plays while people are joining the game.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Quizizz, as Kahoot! and Quizizz are both online educational games that rely on quizzes and real-time competition. Quizizz is looked down by many for its usage of low-quality image macros after every question.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Several people on the internet have made memes involving Kahoot!'s lobby theme.
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    • "I want to kashoot myself." is one of many Self-Deprecation memes among the target audience.
    • Spamming the lobby with bots.
    • Using anything but your name (especially using names of the inappropriate or spam-esque type), which sometimes goes in hand with the teacher getting upset and kicking you out.
    • Sweet Dreams but i put kahoot music over it.Explanation 
  • Paranoia Fuel: The little phrases that come on screen when you answer (Were you tooooooo fast?).
  • Periphery Demographic: The quiz creator was originally intended at teachers, but several students who learned about Kahoot! at school have gone home and made their own quizzes.

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