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YMMV / Jurassic Strike Force 5

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: There are some signs that Saral may have feelings for Rex, such as worrying about his well-being, refusing to abandon him when he tells the team to leave him and in the Washington D.C. battle, she takes a laser blast that Zalex intended for Rex.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Tyler and his father are nearly killed several times by Zalex and the Reptilians but he never thinks twice about it.
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  • Cliché Storm: An Evil Overlord wants to take over the universe, and it's up to a group of Teenage Mutant Samurai Wombats (in this case, talking dinosaurs created from alien technology) to stop him. It's been done many times over, and yet it still works.
  • Complete Monster: Master Zalex is an evil alien overlord who desires to rule the entire galaxy. After landing on planet Earth, Zalex captures several dinosaurs and forces the Nodes aliens to turn them into super soldiers, threatening to destroy their planet if they don't help him. Millions of years later, after Zalex and his Reptilian dinosaurs are awakened, Zalex kills all the scientists who mistakenly wake him up, shortly before he and the Reptilians invade a submarine base and slaughter most of the soldiers in the vicinity. He later forces the survivors to assist him in his schemes, and nearly kills the Strike Force dinosaurs when they confront him. Zalex gets the dinosaurs to surrender by kidnapping Saral and threatening to kill her in front of them. Once captured, Zalex tries to convert the Strike Force into mindless slaves with a serum, and even sends his Reptilians to try and kill Tyler. When the serum is destroyed, Zalex tries to kill the Strike Force again by blowing up the submarine base, and he later invades Washington, D.C., where he and his Reptilians start destroying the city and killing anyone who opposes him. After the President refuses to submit to Zalex's demands, Zalex tries to blow up the city with a nuclear warhead. A violent warlord who craves absolute domination, Zalex cares about nothing but ruling over species lesser than him, and will kill anyone who opposes him or is deemed useless.
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  • The Scrappy: Tyler for hogging the spotlight from the Strike Force and his Totally Radical lingo.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Some of the dialogue is cheesy, the characters are one-note, and the action scenes and overall plot is ridiculous and over-the-top. But it's still enjoyable mindless fun, and some people enjoy the fact that the comic seems to be self-aware of this.


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