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YMMV / Jinki:Extend

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  • Complete Monster: Kalis/Karis Norman/Nolman.
    • In the anime, Kalis manages to establish himself as one of these in less than ten minutes of screen time, completely altering the tone of an otherwise tame and derivative show with his very presence. Disguising himself as thirteen-year-old Satsuki's older brother, he gets close to her, slashes her with his scythe, brutalizes her, and then rapes her, ranting the entire time about how she should "be good for her big brother". When the rest of the Angel team arrive, Kalis tries to escape, taking Satsuki with him, and gloating about how he's going to continue "loving her like a brother". When Akao attempts to stop him, Kalis tries to kill her with one hand, while continuing to grope Satsuki with the other throughout the fight, snickering about how easy it was to do this to her. His actions leave Satsuki completely shattered, and of all the people in Shiva's employ he's easily the most despicable.
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    • Kalis is even worse in the manga, where he's essentially a Rapist For Hire. Employed by de facto Big Bad Shiva for the purpose of breaking potential Angel pilots, Kalis assaults and rapes one of the main girls, driving her into a Heroic BSoD. When she refuses to scream for him, Kalis has a minor Freak Out ("You boring bitch, you won't even scream!") and starts cutting her up with his scythe; when the rest of Angel team interferes, he tries to kill them all. Reappearing at the end of the volume, Kalis ambushes Satsuki and tries to rape her as well, only to be halted by the male lead. Returning again in volume three, Kalis tries to apply his craft to the entire Angel team, via a giant, fluid spraying, tentacle rape machine. A raving misogynist, who gets off on the psychological damage he inflicts as much as the actual rape, and thoroughly warps the tone of the story with every appearance, Kalis is never less than absolutely disgusting.
  • Les Yay:
    • (Shiva's interactions with Acao are made of this)
    • Rui and Aoba go there a lot.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Shiva's not what you'd call sympathetic to start with, but in the anime her turning rapist for hire Kalis loose on thirteen year old Satsuki is definitely this.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Kalis in the anime. He appears for eight minutes total in episode seven, yet manages to, in that time, make himself one of the most hateable villains in the show. In the manga he shows up more frequently, averting this.