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YMMV / Jim Steinman

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  • Cliché Storm: Loves the themes common to pop songs from The '50s and The '60s, and puts them in his own music completely unabashedly.
  • Covered Up: Different versions of his own songs cover themselves up. Most of the songs on his solo albums Bad For Good and Original Sin (which was performed by Pandora's Box) have been recorded more memorably by artists like Meat Loaf.
    • A singer named Taylor Dayne covered "Original Sin" on the soundtrack from 1994's The Shadow.
  • Narm: Recognized as one of the world's greatest exponents of musical Narm. As noted on that page, Steinman's work is the sort of thing that rushes headlong into narmland in the hopes of coming out awesome on the other side. He very often succeeds.

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