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YMMV / Hack-O-Lantern

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  • Complete Monster: Grandpa Drindle is a Satanic cult leader seeking to turn his grandson Tommy to the dark side. When Tommy was a boy, Grandpa killed Tommy's father for trying to nip the corruption in the bud, and began a 13-year plan to act as The Corrupter to the lad, who he conceived by raping his own daughter. On the night of the final ceremony to induct Tom into the cult, Grandpa goes on a killing spree to ensure that nobody gets in the way of his plan, slaying one victim in a mass grave of the cult's previous human sacrifices. When Tommy quits the cult after Gramps tries to make him kill his sister, he goes to kill both siblings. He is mortally wounded in the ensuing final battle, but manages to magically corrupt his other grandson before he dies.
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  • Ham and Cheese: Hy Pyke chews the scenery with every scene he has as Grandpa Drindle. He's easily the most memorable part of the entire movie.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Grandpa Drindle crossed it by raping his own daughter on her wedding day.
  • Padding: Many examples, from the standard B-Movie long credits and driving shots to the bizarre, such as a several minute long scene of stand-up from a character we never see again.

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