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  • Black Comedy: The scene where an infected Kaori tries to hang herself on the ceiling lamp and gets pushed around in circles by gas escaping through her anus is both a little Squick and slightly amusing.
  • Crazy Awesome: Both the shark-tank and the Professor in general. Not only does he keep his own amputated and RE-ANIMATED ARM as a pet, but also designs a massive, corpse-powered, transforming blimp mecha to house his infected body. Badass.
    • Also the Circus, whose ringmaster has invented gas-powered acrobatics, gas-powered flamethrowers and a corpse-cannon, powered by the stored gas of dozens of infected.
      • This manga in general starts out pretty funny, becomes scary, but halfway through the scary part just kind of starts becoming batshit insane.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The implacable landshark idea gets milked for laughs many years later, in Madagascar 2.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Kaori! Jump out the window!"
    • Jokes about Saturday Night Live and the "land shark" sketch are common too.
    • Surely this article would not exist if not for the image of a shark kicking down a door.
    • And now, Tadashi's reaction to a shark in his and Kaori's condo became this with Tadashi telling her to jump out the window.
  • Narm: It's about zombie fish scurryin' around on little legs. Come on, admit it, it's more than a little silly. Infecting humans may be a step up, but then there's the scene in the OVA where Gyo-ified Erika chases after Aki for something like five blocks. It worked with the landshark... yet now it doesn't.
    • It's also very hard to take Kaori's over the top reactions seriously since she screams in practically every scene.
    • The monster fish that started it all was floating around in a garbage bag.
      • Not just this, but the fact that it floated away from Okinawa and somehow found its way right to our protagonists all the way in Tokyo.
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    • The infected humans in the OVA are creepy looking...but their scariness is diminished by the fact that many of them look like what would happen if The Incredible Hulk ate too many cheeseburgers.
    • Just the fact that the horrible disease makes people obese and flatulent.
  • Nausea Fuel. The whole manga. Every single bit of it.
  • Ray of Hope Ending: While the protagonist loses everyone he loves and Japan is in ruins, he meets up with other people who are immune to the Death Stench, who hope to create a cure.
  • The Scrappy: Kaori due to how annoyingly bitchy she is, along with her whininess well before anything bad has even happened.
    • Perhaps in an attempt to remedy this (as Kaori becomes the protagonist of the OVA), the OVA's Kaori reacts much more reasonably. She's shown to be pretty much the only one of her friends that actually does anything smart, she's the only one of the three of them that doesn't turn out to be a total bitch and she's extremely devoted to Tadashi to the point of going after him even after discovering he's been infected. She even gets Survivor Guilt at the end!
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    • She's also responsible for causing the death of Ms. Yoshiyama when she chases her outside into range of the infected professor, out of apparent jealousy. Tadashi is apparently OK with this, too.
  • Ugly Cute: Fish are ugly-cute enough in their natural habitat, but skittering around on land, all confused looking? It's a panoply of cute! Yeah, they're dead. And rotting. Doesn't make them any less cute.
  • What an Idiot!: Sure, professor, stick your hand inside the thing that looks like a Venus flytrap made of rusty metal. Though to be fair, he recovers from that mistake nicely.