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YMMV / Gisaku

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  • Cliché Storm: A race of demons that has been sealed away in the past, a magical object split into four parts... you can fill in the rest of the story from there.
  • Complete Monster: Gorkan is the demonic mastermind of all the evil in the story. A devil who rules over his dimension of demons with an iron fist, Gorkan arrives on Earth and immediately massacres several samurai who try to stop him, before attempting to unleash his armies of demons onto the planet to plunge the world into a living Hell. Though thwarted in this, Gorkan escaped and spent centuries building himself a criminal empire that he used to hide his evil activities, notably mutating a lynx into a half-human hybrid after making a deal with him to save his race, leaving him an outcast by both humans and his fellow lynxes. In the present, Gorkan is an absolutely dreadful excuse for an employer, brutally melting, crushing, and snapping in two his own minions for the smallest slights, from failure to simply stating the fact of a temporary setback. In the end, Gorkan tries once more to unleash his demonic forces onto Earth, and takes the time to viciously twist one of his soldiers into a ball when the man slightly annoys him.
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  • Memetic Mutation: Gorkan's cursing Spain "Maldita España" has become quite memetic by the detractors of the film.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Yohei, as he doesn't bother to finish Gorkan in the 300 years he was out freely when he is without his powers and easy to get rid off. It doesn't help that he constatly makes his mission harder to everyone else in the group and finally, when given the chance to travel back in time he resufes assuring he doesn't have anything he wants to change back, ignoring entirely how his army was entirely destroyed by Gorkan.

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