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YMMV / Gia

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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Some people only remember the film due to the lesbian sex scene and assorted nude scenes.
  • Ho Yay: Happens during an early photoshoot of Gia's, when she convinces two guys to make out with each other.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A much younger Mila Kunis plays Gia as a child.
  • Tearjerker: Gia's death and the lead-up to it is an obvious one, but there are many others. Gia's reaction to Wilhelmina's death, Linda forcing Gia to choose between her and the drugs (made even worse when Gia chooses the drugs), Gia's rape at her drug dealer's hands...
    • Gia's heartbreakingly innocent reaction to finding out she has AIDS.
    Gia: How do I get rid of it?
  • The Woobie: Both Gia and Linda become this during the course of the movie.

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