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YMMV / Fall of Liberty

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  • Big Good: Although he does perform some questionable acts as de-facto military governor of Liberty City, Francis McReary does have very noble intentions in trying to protect the people of Liberty City, from walling off Algonquin to turning the LCPD into an effective anti-undead fighting force and fights against the CIA operatives trying to kill every survivor in the city.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
  • Nightmare Fuel: The bridge scene in chapter eleven. Good fuck...
    When they [Niko and Roman] were atop one of the NOOSE vans forming the barricade, he [Niko] glanced back for a second and wished he hadn't. Although many of the crowd had managed to forced aside the thin line of police many others were still being slaughtered on the highway. Niko saw a woman pulled to the ground and literally torn limb from limb by three of the scuttling zombies, whilst an undead NOOSE officer staggered towards a group of young men in tracksuits, their small caliber Glock pistol rounds ricocheting from the zombie's thick armor and striking other survivors. He turned away and leapt down onto the bridge itself as he saw the first of the gangsters tackled to the ground by the undead NOOSE officer and four others in ragged business suits but he still heard the sharp crack of the man's ribcage being opened.
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  • Properly Paranoid: The CIA. The quarantine of the whole Liberty City area is justified when you consider how easily the disease manages to infect almost the entirety of Liberty City within days, and the zombie hordes prove almost unstoppable with automatic weapons, tanks, and even gunfire from helicopter gunships proving ineffective against the undead swarms.
  • The Woobie: Roman clearly suffers much worse psychologically than Niko.
    • Original character Jill Paster has spent both of her very brief appearances getting hurt and/or killed. Niko tries to warm her up, but cannot stop her from shooting herself when they are surrounded by Ross-aligned prison guards.

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