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Heartwarming / Fall of Liberty

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  • Niko protecting his cousin, who is a panicking mess for the first half of the story, throughout their escape from Broker.
  • Even if it was a Senseless Sacrifice, the fact that an LCPD officer is willing to risk his life to try to save his squadmates shows that the LCPD do have a sense of brotherhood.
  • Roman finally learning that Mallorie is okay when they are reunited.
  • The sense of camaraderie and willingness to protect each other that Niko and the rest of the gang show throughout the story as they attempt to survive.
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  • Francis McReary,who throughout the original game seemed cold and heartless,goes to huge lengths to keep Kate safe,from deploying armed LCPD officers to protect her apartment and when the walls are breached sending two NOOSE teams to find her and make sure she's safe.

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