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Funny / Fall of Liberty

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  • Weazel News still keeps up the GTA Radio dialog, even with the zombies all over the place.
    "This is Weazel News reporting live from Weazel Chopper Four above Broker Island. I'm Mike Whitely getting you the lowdown on the current plague sweeping the poor regions of Liberty City with the viciousness of a Bohan crack whore after a late night coke session. As zombies tear apart Libertonians left right and center the line between undead monster and the inbred poor underclass is becoming increasingly blurred whilst LCPD units are in full retreat from what is being hailed by crazed sandwich board wearing prophets as the biggest 'fucking told you so' moment in recent history. Now we are flying above the burning ruins of Broker, following a group of immigrants taking advantage of the current crisis to loot the businesses and corpses of hardworking American citizens…"

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