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  • Awesome Art: The revamp features very detailed artwork that make some things look like paintings. The backgrounds, the title cards, the objects and even the characters have great detail. There are even some instances that the humans/objects look CGI but if you look closer, they're just really well-rendered digitally.
  • Awesome Music: Indeed, they make you want to think that you're watching a soap opera. It's all the better for it.
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  • Broken Base: Many people are complaining why they didn't just simply released Emily's Wonder Wedding as a full game, instead of going "episodic". The creators' reason was so fans don't have to wait for a year for a whole new game and instead, wait for one week for a new episode. While some was able to take it kindly and even buying the episodes, some have rather chosen to wait for the full game to be released.
  • Designated Hero: In Emily's Miracle of Life, the player is supposed to feel sorry for Mary-Lynn when Andy breaks up with her. However, Mary-Lynn had tried to pull the baby trap to keep Andy with her, even though Andy had made it extremely clear that he wasn't ready for/didn't want kids, making her look rather selfish.
  • Growing the Beard: Thanks to Emily's Taste of Fame, the games have been very popular and it just keeps getting better.
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  • Ho Yay: In Emily's Big Surprise. When Patrick thought that Emily was pregnant, he was so excited he gave everybody hugs (to Edward and Evelyn) and then kissed Francois on the way out.
  • Moral Event Horizon: In Taste of Fame, a kid lights up a set of fireworks that aren't set yet which Francois saw. He proceeds to approach the kid but the fireworks suddenly explode on his face. Its Worse Than It Sounds.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The first three games are all rated 3.5 stars. Many fans consider it as well and they're completely overshadowed since the revamp of the game.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Even for a casual time management game, they really know how to create such dramatic (sometimes heartwrenching) scenes. Be it you'll roll your eyes from the cheesiness or your heartstrings tugged thereof. It all depends on you.
    • In Emily's Childhood Memories, the cutscenes of their younger years take this from Narm Charm to actually very touching moments.
    • The episodes that take place in the Kids' Club, in Honeymoon Cruise. Or whenever there are babies or kids in the topic, for that matter.


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