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YMMV / Create-a-Pokémon

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  • Broken Base: Create-A-Pokémon 11 suffered from this, with huge arguments stemming from the typing discussions.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Create-A-Pokémon was originally a one-off idea that was just speculative, but its implementation on a battle server caused it to continue and eventually gain its own forum. Within Smogon, CAP has a one-off metagame that includes OU (the most popular tier) Pokémon with CAP Pokémon.
    • CAP ASB was also a one-off game based off of the CAP Project. It, too, grew in popularity and got its own sub-forum in the local forum games forum.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Rebound was a custom ability Colossoil had that reflected status moves back at the user on the turn Colossoil switches in, most people agreeing that having it work on every turn would be broken. Then Generation 5 introduced Magic Bounce, which functions like Rebound, except it works every turn the Pokémon is out.
    • Colossoil has the same typing and a very similar stat distribution to Krookodile, which premiered one generation later.
    • Cyclohm, the fluffy cloud-donning electric dragon, turned out to later be remarkably similar in concept and noticeably similar in appearance to Mega Ampharos.
    • Likewise, a Fighting/Flying type that's Mayincatec in design and based on Aztec eagle warriors; are we talking about Tomohawk here, or Hawlucha, which came the next generation?
    • The Necturine line bears great similarity to the Pumpkaboo line, not only in typing but also in design. Necturine is designed after a Liechi berry and has the same body shape, leaf 'tuft', and extra 'eyes' as Pumpkaboo. Necturna looks more like a feminine humanoid with long arms and a torso with 'eyes' and a 'mouth', like Gourgeist.
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    • In the Gold and Silver Beta leaked in 2018, the Pokémon Kurstraw bears a strong resemblance to Voodoll and Voodoom, although its evolution is completely different.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: CAP ASB was created by longtime member Deck Knight to help keep the CAP forum's blood flowing. When it was finished and gained its own subforum, it became VERY popular.
    • It has now been moved to Circus Maximus, the forum games section of Smogon.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: While flavor is encouraged during the CAP process, this trope is enforced to give CAP Pokémon competitive basis. However, this does cause oddities between a Pokémon’s stats, moves, and appearance.

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