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YMMV / Batman: The Animated Series E11 "Two-Face: Part 2"

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  • Designated Evil: Two-Face's decision to end Rupert Throne's life is portrayed as crossing the line. While it was more from feelings of Two-Face's personal vengeance than justice he sought back as when he saw himself as Harvey Dent, Rupert surviving has allowed him to be a Karma Houdini who keeps causing problems in later episodes, including in the following one. One could argue that Rupert's death might cause an Evil Power Vacuum and make things worse for Gotham but the series has never implied this as a possibility.
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  • Narm: When Bruce's guilt fuelled dream isn't being tragic, it's this.
    Harvey: You were supposed to help me. But ya didn't!
  • Tear Jerker: When Bruce's guilt fuelled dream is being tragic, it so very much is this.
    Two-Face: Now LOOK AT ME!!!
    Batman: But I tried Harvey, I...*rope snaps and bridge collapses* Harvey!
    Two-Face: Why couldn't you SAVE MEEEEEEE?!
    • In spite of the horrific nightmare, Bruce Wayne's pledge to save Harvey is both this and heartwarming.
    Bruce: Sleep well, my friend. Wherever you are, whatever you've become...I will save you. I swear.

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