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YMMV / All Cheerleaders Die

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  • Complete Monster: Terry Stankus is a sociopathic Jerk Jock who raped Maddy Killian right after her friend's death. When Terry's girlfriend Tracy dumps him and hooks up with Maddy, Terry punches Tracy before driving her and the other cheerleaders off the road, killing them. Learning that the cheerleaders were resurrected by magical stones, Terry carves the bodies of two cheerleaders up to extract their stones to swallow, killing the two and causing excruciating pain to the other cheerleaders connected to them; Terry would also lure Tracy to a pit he filled with bear traps, causing her gruesome death. Terry then demands Leena Miller to teach him how to use the stones and when she resists, he attempts to cut out the stone embedded in her throat.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: While Maddy and Leena do have some fans, and end up getting back together, it's Maddy and Tracy that gets more attention and shipping, despite Tracy's death and the reveal that Maddy was essentially using Tracy.
  • Tearjerker:
    • The cheerleader's second and final deaths, but particularly Martha finding Hanna after she's been murdered and their dead bodies holding each other, and Maddy accidentally getting Tracy's head snapped in two by the bear trap, saving Maddy's life in the process.
    • Tracy (and the rest of the group) watching Maddy's video diary and finding out the Maddy used Tracy and lied to her about Terry cheating in order to get revenge.

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