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YMMV / A Courtesan of Rome

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  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Arin is subject of this. Despite having a multiple choice goal (reuniting with her family, bringing down the Romans, or avenge her people), many consider her a reckless fool who doesn't think of others before acting. Her impulsiveness to kill Tribune Gnaeus Rufus without a back up plan forces Syphax to take the blame to defend her.
    • Cingerix, despite only appearing in the flashbacks, is seen as a hot headed jerk even more impulsive than Arin. There's another group who find him sympathetic after he tells Arin about the death of his lover Tallius and is willing to give him a chance when he appears in present time.
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    • Marc Antony. While some people like him and consider him a complex love interest, another group considers him an enemy due to his affiliation to Julius Caesar, the series' big bad. He gained more detractors when he got mad at Arin when Xanthe reveals that she is conspiring with Cassius. Many find his anger unjustified given that he already knew that she hates Caesar. They also pointed out that his anger at her mind games is hypocritical given that he plays several mind games with her. He gained more detractors yet again when he revealed that he wants to give Arin to Caesar to keep him loyal to Rome. Many view this action as Marc giving Arin to Caesar as a sex slave.
    • Cassius. Some people like him for fully supporting Arin's plan for vengeance and being there when she needs a friend. Others dislike him and believe that he has an unhealthy obsession with Arin given that he seems to request her over other courtesans such as Xanthe. There are others who think he's too idealistic on preserving the Roman Republic, given the eventual replacement of the republic with an empire.
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    • Delphinia became this after the events of Chapter 13. While some enjoy the choice to either banish, imprison, or kill Iuna Pythia and view her as a hero, others view Delphinia as a zealot who has essentially brainwashed dozens of people into joining her cult within the temple.
  • Broken Base:
    • The revelation that two of the love interests are real historical figures has sparked some controversy. While some players have no problems romancing fictional versions of real people provided they’re well written, others are uncomfortable at that prospect, especially since one of the love interests is Marc Antony, who was a ruthless sadist in real life.
    • There are some detractors who nitpick every historical inaccuracy (even more so compared to Desire And Decorum), while others accept that it's historical fiction and not everything will be 100% accurate. Some consider it hypocritical to call this story unrealistic given that various other stories have introduced elements such as Time Travel, Superheroes, Supernatural Entities, Robots, Vampires, Aliens, Superpowers, and Magick. Others have pointed out that stories presented as grounded in realism have consistently remained so throughout the stories.
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    • The story is either viewed as a great historical adventure or an extremely boring "diamond mine" that focuses too much on romance despite the original premise revolving around Arin's revenge plot.
    • Word of God confirmed that this series will only have one book and the chapters that air after the hiatus will be the final ones. One group believes that the story is being rushed and that there’s more of the story to tell. Another group doesn't mind the story being a standalone because of the Foregone Conclusion of love interests Cassius Longinus and Marc Antony's fates, as they're both real historical figures instead of fictional ones. They also think there won't be any story left to tell once Caesar has been dealt with and Arin's family is completely reunited. A third group thinks the story is boring and the love interests unappealing.
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • After several chapters of seeing Iuna Pythia bully, belittle, and even murder a member of The Mysteries of Isis, it's pretty satisfying to have an option to banish, imprison, or kill her.
    • Watching Sabina stand up to her abusive husband Aquila in Chapter 14 is also pretty satisfying, given that he nearly raped Arin after raiding her scholae. It helps that Sabina's using her connections with Marc Antony to threaten to ruin Aquila's reputation.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Arin's parents Victus and Delphinia are considered more likable than their own daughter due to the former's story arc as a gladiator and the latter's resilience towards Iuna Pythia and story arc as a priestess rallying her flock to Isis's worship.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Many players want Lena to be a love interest for Arin because of the older woman's wisdom and physical appearance.
  • Memetic Mutation: Due to Arin unsuccessfully covering up the murder of Tribune Rufus, several jokes have erupted on how she will fail to get away with killing Legate Aquila.
  • Seasonal Rot: While several people believe that the story started out interesting, many believe that the recent chapters are dull and boring, with a heavy focus on romance instead of the original revenge plot.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Many fans who adopt the monkey in Chapter 6 live to regret it, as his antics quickly become annoying instead of amusing.
    • Xanthe. On one hand, there are people who feel they are forced to demonize her and wish that she will become an ally or love interest. On the other hand, several people dislike her and view her as nothing more than an annoying, petty girl who is determined to cause trouble, such as snooping through Arin’s personal belongings and following her late at night. She became a scrappy when she revealed to Marc Antony that Arin has been plotting with Cassius to work against Caesar, simply because she was jealous that Arin had been requested over her again.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: There are players who have commented that Xanthe could've had depth in her that explains her rivalry with Arin and a bit of softness beneath her prickly exterior, and both would've made her a memorable character in her own right.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Xanthe to some players. On one hand, she's a hardworking courtesan jealous of Arin for getting all the best patrons to herself. On the other hand, she continues acting prickly towards Arin and shows no remorse for her actions. The breaking point was when she told Marc Antony that Arin had been conspiring with Cassius to work against Caesar just to get Antony's attention.
  • What an Idiot!
    • Arin plans to kill Tribune Gnaeus Rufus at night, by posing as one of his escorts.
      You'd Expect: She would come up with a plan that would look like Rufus died in an accident, without her being spotted in the crime scene.
      Instead: She either poisons him or stabs him, and doesn't even think about where to go after the deed is done.
      Result: Security finds her next to Rufus' corpse (if she chooses to stab him, he has visible stab wounds in his chest) and Syphax is forced to take the blame to save her.
  • The Woobie: Sabina. Her husband Aquila was an abusive man who forbade her from venturing out of the house whenever he was in Rome. She couldn’t even visit her relatives except for a few kin.

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