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YMMV / A Burned Man Walks Down The Desolate Corridor

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  • Fridge Horror: Even if it was an alternative universe, several canon characters showed up, even if they worked in a different occupation than their canon counterpart, such as Phoenix. Now, as far as people were concerned, Amelia Wonderley was dead. But the body that was found wasn't hers, though. It had to look similar so that people could believe it was her, so she killed a woman to get a corpse to pass as the "fake" Amelia. Normally, finding out who she killed would be pointless, but the fact that she uses Trucy's appearance is very suspicious. According to her brother, she didn't use surgery or anything advanced, so if she were to pass as someone else, it'd need to be someone who looked similar to her - just like the corpse. Wig, dress and accent. If it's effective enough, no one will look further. Now, who would believe a magician girl to be the woman who supposedly passed away a few days ago? Is it possible that the woman Amelia murdered was in fact Trucy Wright/Enigmar? If so, that would raise the number of kill-and-replace incidents to three in one trial, which is a lot.
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