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Word Of God / Child of the Storm

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Nimbus Llewelyn is well known for revealing bits of information about Child of the Storm on other sites, and sometimes, on a whim, to various readers when they ask questions (or just when he feels like it). And sometimes even on this website.

  • Apparently, the original vision for the series was for a circa 150k story covering all of the remaining HP books, a straight up The Avengers (2012)/Harry Potter crossover, that was largely stations of canon with a few tweaks, much in the vein of his then most recent fic, The Wizard in the Shadows. Oh, and the pairing was going to be Harry/Sif. Needless to say, that went out the window, fast.
    • Regarding pairings, there's been a few developments in his opinion on the definitive pairing: first it was Harry/Sif, then it was Harry/Ginny, then it was Harry/Gwen Stacy, then it was a blend between the two. Eventually, of course, it ended up as Harry/Carol (the UST was, apparently, unintentional, and he just ran with it).
    • Another original plan that went out the window was for Strange to be a future version of Harry, though it was dropped for being too complex and depressing (which is really saying something).
  • Apparently, during the Red Room assault led by Peggy, Jor-El drop-kicked Omega Red through Mount Yamantau.
  • Though she mostly stayed in Europe, the Lady Knight did some cross-training with Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Thanks to James Bond's new ability to change his features, every Bond movie is more or less canon in this universe.
  • Doctor Strange really doesn't like Nabu, and in addition to drop-kicking his Helm through a chaos rift, he kept sticking it everywhere from a coat rack to a mop to (after Nabu made a few choice comments about Wanda early in her apprenticeship) a toilet brush.
  • He has also pulled his MCU counterpart's "Dormammu, I've come to bargain!" trick multiple times.
  • Though it took quite a while, Hela eventually more or less forgave Loki for leaving her in Helheim (though as has been noted multiple times, forgiving is not the same as forgetting).
  • In Book 2, while curing the Leanansidhe of her Nemesis infection, Strange also cured Maeve, and gave her and her mother a stern warning to sort her daughter out.