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Pearl is a 2016 animated short film, directed by Patrick Osborne, the director of previous Oscar-winner Feast.

A little girl grows up touring around the country with her father, an itinerant musician. They spend years living in an old hatchback, playing on sidewalks and corners, as the girl grows from a small child to a rebellious teenager to an adult.

Made in 360-degree virtual reality, the view of the film can be manipulated by the viewer.



  • Daddy's Girl: The little girl clearly adores her father. At the end, when she's hit it big, she picks him up and brings him to her concert.
  • Drives Like Crazy: Multiple scenes of both the father and the daughter playing guitar—which takes two hands—and driving a car at the same time.
  • Happy Ending: Ends with the girl hitting it big—either she or her band is named "Pearl"—and bringing her father to a concert.
  • How We Got Here: A young woman retrieves an old hatchback. As she gets inside the film becomes a portrait of her life with her father in the car.
  • Music Stories: A father and daughter, itinerant musicians.
  • Skinnydipping: Not with her father! Later, after the girl has formed her own band, one scene has the lot of them skinnydipping in a lake by the side of the road.
  • Street Musician: How the father makes a living. When the girl gets old enough to play an instrument she joins him in their act.
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  • Time Passes Montage: The whole movie, pretty much, with scene after scene as the girl grows into adulthood.

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