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Anyone But Virginia is a comic that focuses on the more mundane life of the super-hero Volcano Girl. It is Zac Crockett's (of Opey The Warhead) currently running comic on The Duck. Unlike Opey The Warhead, Zac doesn't write Anyone But Virginia — but it does feature his trademark artistic style.

This comic contains examples of:

  • Blessed with Suck: The supers are government agents with the main purpose of distracting the populace more than anything else. They have to constantly watch their PR, lest their program be dissolved.
  • Class Reunion: Virginia has to plan one without blowing her government agent cover. Oh, and sis has already figured it out.
  • Hero Insurance: Played straight; the agency has to clean up the collateral damage.
  • Secret Identity: Required by the government. Also the only way to even have the illusion of leading a normal life. Problem being that Virginia basically is ordered to go off-duty on duty. It's complicated.
  • Super Registration Act: A cross between types G and H; supers are fairly well-treated government agents. They fight crime — but are as restricted like any other agent of the law.