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"This might be faerieland, but don't let that fool you...

Welcome to Unsightly, the shady underworld of the faeries, hidden deep under the earth in a huge network of caverns. Stuffed with every kind of mythical and fairytale creature imaginable, it is not the kind of place you want to find yourself in, unless you wish to be torn apart by a swarm of pixies. But it is here you have been summoned by the Mayor and ambassador to the Unseelie court, in order to tackle a problem that effects both the Topside and Lowerside- Unsightly is crumbling. The magical defences that keep it apart from the human world and able to co-exist for centuries without being found, are losing power. You have been chosen due to what the faeries call your 'fighting spirit', the reason they have been known to kidnap people over the centuries, and the only thing that powers the spell. Fighting fellow contestants will feed the spell, keeping the two worlds from colliding and destroying both. The victor of this tournament has been promised their single greatest desire by the Unseelie court- be it untold riches or a new life.


However, what you haven't been told is that it isn't just your willpower that the enchantment needs- but your spirit itself. Your greatest desire is one thing, but being fed alive to the crystal is another entirely. How far are you willing to go to make a pact with the faeries?

Click here for the characters sheet to find out more about the contestants and judges.

This OCT provides examples of:

  • Monster Town: The only human you're likely to find here is Lunch. Other than that, there are only monsters.


The rounds provides examples of:

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     Round 1 

     Round 3 


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