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The UFP verse was created by Discord

After being reformed, he needed a place to let out all his chaotic desires, so he made an Abridged Series. That's why his UFP counter part, seems just like Discord if he spent literately all his time being a Jerkass troll: That's the point.

Starlight's force field will be The Orb's Evil Twin

He may even get jealous of said sibling when Twilight uses her instead of him, later in the episode.


The series will end with the ultimate twist ending... Everyone will get Character Development and a chance to earn their happy ending

Luna will beat the ever living crap out of Celestia, before taking the thrown and earning everyone's respect, Twilight will finally be rewarded for all the times she's saved the world and Luna will make her, her second in command, Rarity and Sweetie Belle will bond as sisters, Rainbow Dash will finale be accepted by the town upon getting past her Jerkass behavior, Fluttershy will learn to assert herself healthily and demand the respect of everyone, Pinkie Pie 2 will just forget about her plans for The End of the World as We Know It and begin a happy life in Ponyville, Applejack will be sent to prison, but with the support of her friends will successfully reform, Spike will stand up to Twilight and force her into letting him be free for the first time in his life, the CMC will earn their Cutie Marks, Applebloom will stand up to Granny Smith and they will all realize they are True Companions and will live happily ever after.

Spike and Rarity will get together..
Just so Wacarb can point out everything wrong with a grown mare, an underage-at least physically-boy, that is the adopted family member of her own friend, dating each other. Oh, and in typical UFP fashion, this will come out of nowhere with at best a little Lamp Shading and possibly one of them saying "what do you mean? Didn't we tell you?" or "Didn't you see all the obvious foreshadowing?". Also, they will remain together just so Wacarb can continue to make fun of the ship.
The Next Movie will be titled Ultra Fast Pony The Movie: The Movieing First Blood Part 2 Fast 2 UFP Colon The Revenge.
Jossed. It's actually called, "Movie Harder". Still a chance the third movie will be called that!
Rainbow Dash is a ghost
Think about it, she can not die and is even revealed to be Twilight's spirit guide.

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