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There's a likely chance that Error!Sans will destroy the vial that Ink!Sans holds to give it rightfully back to XGaster.
  • Thanks to Ink kicking the vial from X-Event!Chara back in Underverse 0.3 Part 2, the vial he holds has a likely chance to break down. And who wants to destroy it? Error himself! He even saw a vision of Ink using the vial for goodness sake!
    • Jossed. XGaster gets fully revived at the end of 0.4.

Alternatively, X-Event!Chara could successfully take the vial and absorb the soul inside.
  • Let's think about it: X-Event!Chara could go to Outertale with Nightmare!Sans and Killer!Sans, and when the battle against Error and Ink goes off, X-Event!Chara could snip in, take the vial from Ink, and BAM! He's a All-Powerful Bystander ready to kill the entire universe.
    • Also Jossed.

Underswap!Sans could die, along with the rest of the Underswap characters in X-Tale.
  • After Nightmare!Sans kills off Underswap!Chara, the whole timeline collapsed within itself and killed Underswap!Papyrus and Underswap!Chara, the only people left in the timeline. I'm not saying it won't happen in the next episode or so, but it will happen that Underswap!Sans will die, and all the Underswap characters too. Heck, even X-Event!Chara will be affected by this!
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  • Confirmed! Underswap Sans is killed off in a very brutal fashion via XGaster.

XGaster's motives for the creation of the X-Event is to gain the ability to overwrite and reset
  • The reason his previous timelines failed him, is because X-Tale!Chara and X-Tale!Frisk reset his timeline over and over again after he overwrites with it to kill their relatives and friends. By creating the X-Event, he wants nothing but to control the reset and overwrite buttons, which would allow him to control his universe fully.

Cross will singlehandedly refuse to join XGaster's side.
  • At the end of Underverse 0.4, Cross is brought back to life by XGaster, citing it wasn't his fault that the X-Event happened and offers his choice to join him knowing he's tough to convince. At the same time, Cross escapes with Dream to the Omega Timeline, which spells rebellion and a right of refusal to XGaster. This will be tough though considering X-Tale!Papyrus is also part of the 7 characters that make up individual timeline entries.

On the other hand, joining XGaster is not a bad idea to Cross!
  • Sure he's giving up his freedom but he can be with his brother once more!

XGaster is as true to words to an Real Life creator
  • Despite his aggressive and rude attitude, murdering dozens upon dozens of individuals just for his timeline, and subsequently ruining the lives of his own subjects, XGaster appears to parallel on how a creator would view their own work, whether they make their own story as sadistic as possible, or attempt to bring happiness in their realm. Like XGaster said:
    Evolution requires sacrifice.
  • On that note aside...

XGaster will pull a Heel–Face Turn
  • The poor guy has tried his hardest to make his universe the greatest of all time. However, he will realize that whatever he does will all be for naught; Cross may gather the entire AU army against him, UT!Frisk will sabotage his efforts, and there might still some conflicts between X-Tale!Frisk/X-Tale!Chara and XGaster himself. This might see a chance for redemption against all of these odds, though it's likely it's going to be near the end of the series.

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