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Flaming Dragon was secretly colluding with Les Grossman the whole time.
The prospect of their favorite movie star falling right into their laps meant that they were more than happy to cut a deal with Grossman. It was a win-win situation for both sides—if Speed wasn't rescued, he'd have to reenact Simple Jack for the rest of his life and Grossman got his insurance writeoff, but he made a daring escape, the movie made huge bucks, and Flaming Dragon got a cut under the table.
  • The biggest proof for this is Flaming Dragon's horrible aim in the escape sequence. How the hell did they manage to not even land a single hit on any of the actors? Simple: they weren't shooting at them, or they used blanks.

The self-enforced Method Acting that Kirk Lazarus used turned him into a Fourth-Wall Observer.
Lincoln Osiris was never disguised as a Chinese rice
poppylead farmer, but Kirk Lazarus was. Robert Downey Jr. was a dude playing a dude (Kirk Lazarus) disguised as another dude (Chinese farmer), and Kirk Lazarus in his madness slipped up.

Les Grossman's wife is even crazier than he is.
She'd have to be to stay married to him.

Alpa Cino isn't gay. He's bisexual.
It just never occurred to him that he could be love pussy and dick.

If a sequel is made, it will lampoon the production of Fantastic Four (2015)
Given that Fant4stic had a Troubled Production comparable to Apocalypse Now which is highlighted by Executive Meddling that led to one of the worse bombs of the superhero genre in general.

After the events of this movie, Tran was arrested off-screen.


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