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Tear Jerker / Tropic Thunder

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  • A lot of characters have held secrets for so long that all of them are on the verge of breakdowns.
    • Tugg Speedman is so unloved after his last movie that he goes insane in the jungle. He was surprised to hear that somebody actually felt "close" to him.
    • Kirk Lazarus is so into Method Acting that he feels his real self is a pathetic loser.
    • Jeff Portnoy is addicted to heroin to the point where he KNOWS it's a problem but he can't do anything to help himself any more.
    • Alpa Chino is an Armored Closet Gay.
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    • John "Four Leaf" Tayback is a fraud.
    • Cody's one failure away from losing his career after he almost blinded Jamie Lee Curtis.
    • Kevin Sandusky is certain he will die a nobody.
    • Damien Cockburn is an inexperienced director who can't get any of these men to cooperate. Most of their problems are Wangst, but it's depressing seeing all of them slowly losing their shit. Except Cockburn, he dies. Violently.


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