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This movie is a prequel to Hellboy
And Elisa and the Asset are the parents of Abe Sapien.
  • Cool theory, but in order for it to work, it has to be separate from the comic's continuity (which isn't too hard thankfully) where Abe Sapien used to be a human scientist named Langdon Everett Caul. Still, it makes sense considering how Abe was found in 1978 and they're still extremely similar appearance wise.
    • That origin was never applied to the films, so it's easy.
  • Jossed with a vengeance, by both Guillermo del Toro and Doug Jones.

This movie is a sequel to The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Elisa is related to, or perhaps the daughter of the narrator.

Eliza is a mutant of the Asset's own kind
  • Her scars have always been gills. She was just an evolutionary throwback and her people in ignorance or fear she could not thrive underwater, left her on the riverbank for humans to find since she resembled one so closely.
    • As an alternative, she isn't even a mutant version - we see the Asset losing scales and having difficulty breathing the longer he is removed from the right kind of water. Perhaps Elisa stayed out of the water too long as a child, and her body essentially adapted to being on land and she became human. If we'd stayed with them longer at the end of the film, would we have seen her becoming exactly like the Asset?

Elisa started life as another amphibious creature, but not the Asset's species
  • If we accept the end of the film as truth, Elisa has gills, sealed over most of her life, but otherwise looks human. She is clearly still mammalian, whereas the Asset closer resembles a reptile. It's like a dolphin falling in love with a crocodile.

The Asset is a specimen of the creatures known as Botos
  • Also known as Encantados, these aquatic mythological creatures from South American folklore dwell in the rivers, looking for women to seduce and have intercourse with, and also transforming said women into Botos themselves.

Strickland's pills weren't painkillers
  • It would explain a lot about his character, and be entirely plausible in the early sixties, if they were prescription amphetamine.

Bernie and Giles were in a relationship
Hence the rather charged language between the two. The two talk more like a couple that had a bad breakup than business partners, and knowing the times, it's quite possible Bernie chose working for the ad agency over a scandal by being in a relationship with Giles.
  • This would add some extra juice to Giles' regrets about not playing the field more as a younger man and his feelings of being undesirable — if he thought Bernie was his last chance at finding love only to lose him, or if they got together earlier in Giles' career when he had more youthful charms, Giles may well feel like he's frittered away his luck.

The facility is part of the early SCP Project
Clearly this facility is extremely well-funded and at least its research and security staff is used to the presence of...unusual things. We also know it's not the only one in the network, as reference is made to a "sister facility" in Galveston. Thus the facility belongs either to the early incarnations of the SCP Project or its precursor.

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