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Nova's Survival
Nova was in the innards of a shark for between 5-15 minutes, and yet she somehow survived. Her hatred of sharks impressed Khorne enough for him to save her! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SHARKS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!
  • Er, wouldn't he have to heavily plate sharks' skulls before he could risk sitting on them? They're only cartilage, not bone, so not a very sturdy material for a throne...
    • maybe the shark parts could be used for the cushion
  • Maybe the shark ate a scuba diver earlier that day, and she borrowed the air tank off the half-digested corpse?
  • forget the shark inards, what I can't figure out is how she didn't get shredded when Finn coincidentally jumped into the same shark chainsaw first.

Baz will return.

His body was never found and so he could show up out of nowhere helping saving his friend. When Fin asked how did he survive, Baz could just say that it was a long story.

  • Jossed, sadly.
  • The Jossing has been subverted due to the Time Crash at the end of the last film resetting the timeline so that none of the events of the films ever happened.

Someone is behind all the Sharknadoes.
After all, a sequel is confirmed. And a Sharknado is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing.
  • In the sequel, April notes that one of the sharks recognises her, which can back that one up.
    • As of the third film, the sharks can survive IN SPACE!, so it's probably more likely that something (aliens, curses, Gaia's Vengeance, who the hell knows?) is behind them than someone.
      • This is seeming increasingly likely with the fact that in the third movie they note that not only are the Sharknados only happening around the Shepards. They also point out that Sharknado sharks are noticeably different as they live off birds instead of fish, and eat ice which they think means they are cloud sharks living in the air.
  • My theory is that person or persons unknown are using a combination of genetically-engineered "super-sharks", created to have the cartoonishly-obsessive bloodlust they display (the massive inconsistencies with the sharks' strength and durability, like how they can break through steel subway doors but can be stabbed to death with a stiletto heel for example, can be explained with an Unstable Genetic Code), and a Weather-Control Machine. In the sequels, the Sharknadoes continue to go after Finn and co. because whoever's responsible wants revenge for him stopping the original.
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  • Trailers for Sharknado 5 suggest that some kind of ancient recurring curse may be to blame.

There's a reason for the maddened ferocity the sharks display.

They were told they'd be in an unforgettable movie, and only at the very end did they discover that it was going to be a SyFy Original by The Asylum. Hey, wouldn't YOU be boiling with murderous rage? They probably ate their agents afterwards.

There will be a movie where the Sharknado teams up with Sharktopus
And the government will realize their only option is to unleash the only thing powerful enough to stop them. (Spoiler alert: he does)
  • Well, we know at least some of the other schlocky Syfy monster-movies are fictional in-Verse, because a clip from 3-Headed Shark Attack was playing in a theater during Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!.
  • Alternatively, they will unleass Mega Shark or Moby Dick instead of Jaws because they already are part of The Asylum.

The sharknadoes are actually water elementals.
That's why the sharks can stay in place instead of twirling around, and why specific sharks get thrown at people. It also explains how they can be defeated. They aren't destabilizing the water spout, they're actually dispersing or killing the rampaging water elemental.

Someone working in Syfy really hates sharks.
There has been an avalanche of cheaply made shark movies in the wake of Sharknado (Roboshark, The Mega Shark Series, Sand Sharks, The X-Headed Shark Attack Series, Ghost Shark, The Sharktopus Series, Zombie Shark, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Piranha Sharks, Jurassic Shark, Sky Sharks to name a few). Maybe someone in charge of Syfy story writers wants to ferment anti-shark hysteria for whatever personal reason and is pushing for more shark monster movies make the audience hate and fear sharks. Maybe he/she had a bad shark experience in the past or maybe he/she is a bitter sports fisher who was fined for fishing endangered sharks or whatever.
  • While I will admit that there has been a sudden flood of shark movies since the release of Sharknado, a lot of cheaply made shark movies already existed before it came out. The first two movies of the Mega Shark series existed prior to the release of Sharknado (2013), as did Sharktopus (2010), Sand Sharks (2012), Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012), Attack of the Jurassic Shark (2012), and 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012). Not saying that you're wrong, as all these shark movies do portray sharks in an extremely negative light, just that cheaply made shark movies have been a thing for years.
  • Sharks are also a lot easier to animate via CGI than anything with fur, feathers, an exoskeleton or visible scales, making them the go-to predatory animal for cheap-as-shit direct-to-Syfy/video schlock movies.

The Sharknado movies are an attempt at making a live-action cartoon
It's almost as scientifically accurate as a Road Runner short, while the constant celebrity cameos bring to mind Scooby-Doo.

Anyone killed by the sharks in one of these movies is magically reincarnated as a shark.
This is the in-Verse reason for the Sequel Escalation in the geographic scope of its sharknadoes, and for why the world's oceans haven't been completely depopulated of sharks by now. Most of the sharks that Fin, Nova, and the rest have killed in the sequels were actually casualties from the previous films. The one that tried so very hard to eat Fin on the subway was Colin, for example.

COBRA is responsible for all of this.
Considering the existence of the Weather Dominator, and the COBRA Commander's flair for the dramatic, it's not entirely unlikely. The fact that the Shepards are present for each of them is merely an uncanny coincidence.

As the 6th film actually follows up on events from the 5th, it will open with a sober-voiced announcement that Previously On…...
...followed by a montage of nothing but three or four straight minutes of everybody and their celebrity dog getting chomped on by sharks, from one installment after another after another. Really, that's all these films are about, and nobody cares about the plot anyway.

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