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Chang Ho
will have his Ki Center broken.

  • Sounds like an appropriate punishment for someone who's so smug like him.

The Homeless Murim in part 2.

  • Will turn out to be Wonjae, Shiho's ex from whom she stolen the Ilwollsindan from. After losing everything gambling on Shiho at the end of part 1 and still losing her, he goes from the head of his clan to a bum. Now the walking embodiment of the medicine he lost is brought before him to help him regain his stature.
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  • No, he'll be Chun Woo.
  • I think that this is actually a very plausible theory.
    • Jossed in latest chapters it is not a case of Hidden in Plain Sight. He is indeed very cynical, however it is a new character by the name of Bae Sung Jae. Who in chapter 38 we find out is also working with Wonjae.

Mamungi will join and help Shi Woon.

  • Although he doesn't really like the Murim, he wouldn't really approve all the thugs going around and causing ruckus either.

Mamungi will join the SUC
  • He does not like the Murim and he idolizes Chun Woo. He considers his debt to Shi Woon paid back after the events at the Tower. He may not agree with all of the SUC's methods, or he might he did run a biker gang, but he dislikes the Murim enough to join them anyways.

Chun-Woo Han never abandoned Shi Woon.
It was explained that the process of destroying his Ki center also enlarged his Ki veins which is one of the final stages of advanced Murim training. This has all been a plan to make Shi Woon a worthy heir.
  • While plausible, Shi-Woon has said he believed Chun-Woo Han detroyed his Ki center to protect him from the Murim lifestyle. This is probably as close to a real explanation we're going to get until their next meeting.

The person that was taken to the hospital that Sera is hiding
  • Will turn out to be either one of three side characters Shi Woon's mother, Sae Hee or Yang Joonho.
    • Confirmed; it's Shi-Woon's mother.

Shi-Woon is going to establish a new martial arts alliance after the current one is destroyed by the SUC and Shun Woo Han.
  • The start of it is already there: Sun-Woo, Mil-Yang, Illwallmoon and the Shinhyup young masters.
  • The Heavenly Way school has already been co-opted by the SUC, and this clan is currently the one thing holding the martial arts alliance together. Should they go down, the current martial arts alliance will fall.

Chun Woo is Brainwashed and Crazy
  • Hence why he has constant dull eyes and does not seem to recall having a student in the first place. Heck, when he starts to think too much, he seems to get a headache.
    • Turns out, he's apparently been made a Mahwan addict. Now that he's going thru a self-imposed withdrawal, he seems to remember Shi-Woon.

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