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Nightmare Fuel / The Breaker

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  • Seeing Shi-Woon covered in blood amongst the mangled, unconscious forms of the mooks who attacked him early on in the first series was... unsettling, to say the least. He has an absolute look of horror and terror on his face, and seems to be on the verge of tears. We later find out that he had no intention of harming them so badly, but that he simply lost control of his new Ki-based abilities.
  • Dear lord Chun-Woo's slasher smiles, they are often and very unsettling. The Chief of the Alliance's is worse.
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  • In Part 2, what Sung-Jae plans to do to Shi-Woon. He first plans to drain all of Shi-Woon's blood and cut him up to make medicine. All this when Shi-Woon was strapped to a chair, stripped to his boxers and a ball in his mouth.
  • As of Chapter 113, Shi Woon seems to be Nightmare Fuel for anyone going against him.
  • Chun-Woo becomes this in general in New Waves. Every time he shows up, something's about to go to hell.
  • Chapter 193 of New Waves give us this panel of Shi-Woon in Black Origin Threshold.

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