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  • Just as Chun Woo and Shi-Ho are about to kiss for their very first time in the face of death, Shi-Woon makes one of the most priceless cockblocking entrances ever.
  • After going through the endless training, both Jin-le and Elder Jeon expect Shi-Woon to be too exhausted in the morning. The expressions on their faces to see him completely energetic and fine the morning after are priceless.
  • In the first chapter of New Waves, Shi-Woon notices a super luxurious black sedan sitting in front of his school and wonders to himself who would go around in such a car. As he abruptly remembers the Sunwoo Clan that turned up in a flock of the same car previously, Yi Gyu Bum bursts out of the car screaming that he's in danger.
    Shi-Woon: Wua, I knew it!!
    • And after that, Yi Gyu Bum tells him that he absolutely has to come with him immediately to the Sunwoo Clan or he would be untold danger, but when questioned who is targeting Shi-Woon he's unable to answer. Shi-Woon promptly dismisses the whole thing as a ploy to trick him into agreeing to go to the Sunwoo Clan HQ, and calls Yi Gyu Bum a joker.
  • A lot of interactions between Jin-le and Shi-Woon become unintentionally hilarious.
    • In Chapter 52, Ji-Gun saves both Shi-Woon and Jin-le from an attack from SUC thugs and they escape on his motorcycle. Ji-Gun is driving, Shi-woon is behind and him and Jin-le is holding on to Shi-Woon.
    Jin-le(internal thoughts while pressing against Shi-Woon's back): This guy...why does it feel like he's been avoiding my gaze? But he was so outspoken with me...Somehow, it is getting on my nerves.
    Shi-Woon(internal thoughts): Jin-le...Her breast are really big. N-No I must not think of that as it would dishonor, Jin-le.
    • In Chapter 62, Jin-le(not knowing that Shi-Woon accepted his position as Gaju) tried an ill advised rescue attempt of Shi-Woon only to have Shi-Woon's security think that she must have hit her head or something.
    • It is becoming a running gag that whenever Jin-le tries yelling at Shi-Woon, he jokingly gives in and makes what she perceives to be an adorable face(unintentionally). She becomes somewhat frustrated and turned on and tries to keep on strong front in front of him.
    • Jin-le non-chalantly peaking over Shi-Woon's shoulder while he is texting.
    • Chapter 88. After Shi-woon says that Jin-le looks good, Jin-le starts posing in front of a mirror thinking that Shi-Woon is not looking. She starts complimenting herself and is in full model mode until Shi-Woon asks what she is doing and she becomes flustered again.
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    • Chapter 159, Shi-Woon thanks her from waking him up from his meditation training and says that he appreciates her for doing so. After Shi-Woon leaves with Ha-Il, Jin-le goes full Helga from Hey Arnold! and starts swooning over the fact that he thanked her...unknowingly in front of her grandfather and two elders.

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