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  • Shi-Woon finally standing up to the bullies. It gets brought down a little when Shi Woon actually takes a few punches, but the look on Chang Ho's face when Shi-Woon smashes through his weapon...
    • Only to be topped by this.
      • Anytime Shi-Woon faces Chang Ho after he learns Murim techniques seem to amount to this.
    • Only to be topped by an earlier chapter here, continued here
  • Shi-Woon (man, he gets a few) goes up against Yoo Ji-Gun, a sword master who uses his finger and tells, to his face, that he is not strong.
    Shi-Woon: I know strong people. They never bragged about their power, or bullied others with it. ... Your sword is a fake!
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  • Alex can drive a helicopter. Can YOU drive a helicopter? 'Cuz he can.
  • Chang Ho is back, and now knows murim techniques and can break arms with. So what does Shi-Woon, who has a broken arm and no ki or martial arts, do? Square up to him, taunting Chang Ho by saying he will never fear anyone like him again. And not only dodges the Megaton Punch, but hits Chang Ho in the back of the head, making it look so easy. Awesome doesn't even describe it!
  • In Chapter 42 of New Waves, Shi Woon manages to Heel–Face Turn a member of the Sun Woo clan (beside Jin-le) who introduced himself to Shi-Woon with a knife. Even better, he did it not by punching the guy's face in but by being genuinely concerned with the guy's problem.
    "Instead of being angry, why don't you find a way to find Jin-le!?"
  • Chapter 56 of New Waves Shi-Woon's first clear cut KO victory over a Murim fighter that isn't Chang Ho or just another of the Mooks.
  • Chapter 57 and 58 of New Waves: Elder Kwong before he proceeds to beat the everliving shit out of S.U.C.
    I will now proceed to school you on exactly who you have dared to touch...
  • Chapter 76 of New Waves: Shi-Woon curb-stomps the freaky bald doctor, Bae Sung-Jae in order to get the heavily wounded Sera treatment and luckily runs right into Hyun Won-jae who treats Sera's wounds so she'll probably live.
    • Chapter 76-79 is one long one-sided beatdown of Shi Woon wrecking SUC members while protecting people behind him. The beatdown is so bad that the remaining soldiers, when they notice that Shi Woon can barely stand up straight are still too scared to attack him. Then, when their captain comes to fight him, it's revealed that Shi-Woon was holding back to avoid killing them.
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  • Chapter 80 of New Waves: Shi-Woon completely wrecks the arm with a power stomp of S.U.C. captain, Yong-Hyun, while it had a metallic gauntlet on before winning the fight.
  • Between chapter 102 and 107 of New Waves, Shi-Woon after entering into the equivalent of Black Origin Threshold while going against S.U.C. captains.
  • Chapter 110 has Shi-Woon wake up in a hospital after the events of the previous arc and quickly seeing through the plot to use him as a Puppet King. The moment he gets a minute alone, he breaks out and manages to get 5km in 30 minutes. He's done being held hostage and played. The beatdown and escaping continues for over 4 chapters as he tries to escape the island and curbstomp everyone in his way.
  • Pretty much Chapter 110-current has been one long Moment of Awesome. Mainly because up until 110 he has been very weak, but now we get to see Shi-Woon utterly curbstomp everyone in his path.
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  • In Chapter 121 with the Sunwoo Clan arrives with a fleet of helicopters.
  • Chapter 122, where Elder Kwon takes off from the helicopter, pulls off a Superman entry, and is all set to save the day.
    Elder Kwon: "Alright, let us negotiate. I will be as calm as possible in this situation. GIVE US THE GAJU NOW AND SCATTER AWAY! IF YOU DO SO, I WILL SPARE YOUR LIVES!"
  • Chapter 127: "I...haven't...lost...yet!"
  • The Nine Arts Dragon has returned ... and clocks his first Moment of Awesome in New Waves by handing out a Curb-Stomp Battle to Kang-sung.
    • Though it is not as if Kang-sung is exactly lacking, either. He quite easily curb-stomps anyone who isn't Chun-Woo and, despite losing once Chun-Woo got serious, he managed to leave Chun-Woo visibly exhausted. Compared to all previous showings, the fact that Kang-sung even kept up Chun-Woo for so long deserves mention.

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