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Ohta is in love with Cobalt
There's a serious Burns-Smithers vibe between those two. The devotion and concern, in a race founded on cruelty, torment, and backstabbing? The way Ohta keeps running to Cobalt like a little puppy dog? Come on! If this is a deconstruction of Sailor Moon more than any of the other Mahou Shojo shows, why wouldn't there be analogues to Zoicite and Kunzite? Plus, there's a villain named Cobalt in the anime series Fight! Iczer-One, and she's the first villain the heroine kills, a high-ranking officer of the enemy whose death moves her lover Sepia to take up the battle in her place out of grief. However, in this case, Ohta makes the sacrifice so that his superior officer and secret object of desire may live.
  • As an offshoot of this theory...

The human version of Ohta is bi-curious, but can't act on it; his Yamiko counterpart was free to seek the love of a man.
What do Yamiko do? Act on their template's bottled-up desires and impulses. They are id incarnate. But even after being given self-restaint by the priestess, there would have been nothing stopping Yamiko Ohta from seeing a male lover. His human counterpart had a wife and children, yes, but the yamiko was single.

"Magic" still exists
The properties of the universe that allowed the priestess to perform her experiment logically still exist. Therefore, there's no reason such things would be physically impossible in other circumstances. Given enough time and enough people, it's likely that someone will do something with magical results.
  • As further speculation, the priestess discovered, way ahead of time, things that are usually discovered as part of Magic from Technology. This may open up fanfic crossover possibilities. (Would Nanoha be feasible?)
  • The thought of the Sorting Algorithm of Evil kicking in in the Sailor Nothingverse is too terrible to contemplate. What would a creature formed of pure Super-Ego be like?
    • Darkseid?
      • Without the constraints that living in The DCU places on how he uses his powers? We're back to "too terrible to contemplate".
    • Superego personified would be ruthless hardcore Knight Templar. That is something to consider.
    • Quoted from this Useful Notes page: "A character acting entirely on Superego would be one whose actions are based entirely on social norms and expectations. These characters are often portrayed as rather shallow and short-sighted, since you can't please everyone." So... a creature formed of pure Superego would essentially be... the Fashion Club. Somehow sounds a lot less threatening now.

Sailor Nothing leads into Kingdom Hearts.
For the full explanation, see its entry on the Kingdom Hearts page.

Sailor Nothing takes place in the same universe as The World Ends with You
Yamiko are created by fusing the Noise surrounding a person together. (In the case of Super Yamiko, the Noise are first converted to Taboo Noise). This process removes their ability to exist in two places at once, but it also reduces their vulnerability to living beings. The Yamigaia is simply a plane with a lower vibe then the Realground; thus, the blocking powder simply disables the Yamiko's ability to alter its vibe. Furthermore, the purification ritual the priestess used had been planted by a fallen angel.

Yamiko are sapient Unversed, akin to Vanitas
I'm at a loss to explain why they don't all have black hair and gold eyes, but the rest of it makes quite a bit of sense.
  • Yamiko aren't created by the Keyblade cleanly splitting the darkness out of a person's heart. For this reason, they're "fake Unversed" - kind of like the relationship between Pureblood Heartless and Emblems, except reversed, with Yamiko being more naturally-occurring and therefore Pureblood Unversed, whereas Vanitas (and by extension, his creations) are artificial, thereby being the equivalent of "Emblems."

Yamiko are created using a person's Shadow
Yamiko reproduce by drawing out a person's Shadow and infusing it with their own essence, turning it into a similar but distinct creature. They skip the part where they try to convince the host to accept them back, instead immediately going berserk. This would mean that a Yamiko cannot be created from a Persona-user, as their Shadow has already transformed into something else, and isn't willing to be separated from it's other self. It also opens up the question of what would happen if a Yamiko was create from someone who latently carried the Wild Card.

Sailor Nothing takes place in the Madokaverse.

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