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Emerald will find out about Jaune's past and have a mental breakdown
  • While Jaune does his best to keep his time-travelling orgins secret and the story is pretty unbelivable, Emerald is currently the closest person to him and isn't exactly a walking embodiment of logic and skepticism. Sooner or later either Jaune or Raven will spill the beans and then Emerald will not only find out that the world had been destroyed once already and all her friends from the current life had been killed in the process, but that she was largely responsible for it and that Jaune only adopted her as a more merciful alternative to snapping her neck the moment they've met. Best case scenario, it will cause a major Heroic BSoD and make her seriously pissed off at her father for not telling her earlier. Worst case scenario, it will make Emerald lose all the trust she put in Jaune and cause either a Face–Heel Turn or a Despair Event Horizon.
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  • Jossed. The author's note at the end of chapter 77 confirms that Emerald will never find out.

Salem's Mark will give Jaune a wizard
  • It might be unintentional, but the magic Salem used creating Jaune's new body, insulating it from time paradoxes, and transferring his soul both into a new the new body and into a new time will have the side effect of giving him magic like Salem and Ozpin or the Maidens, but on a lesser scale.
    • The fact that he could apparently smell the magic Raven and the second maiden were throwing around, a trait shared by Ozpin, lends credence to this theory.

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