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Karma affects people's personality
Compare Earl's personality during the pilot, he's selfish and greedy and is only doing good things because he thinks he will be rewarded, but by the end he does the good things because he's become a good person. And look at Randy, at first he's a bit slow, very crass and ill mannered. By the end, he's basically become a dimwitted, gentle giant.
Earl Jr really is Darnell's son
The simplest excuse is that Darnell's toothbrush was new, and had not been used yet.
Earl Jr is EARL'S son
But do the genetics work?
Earl died after being hit by the car
Earl is in purgatory — a rather kind purgatory which, seamlessly simulating his real life, allows him to literally atone for every sin he's ever committed. This would explain why the hundred thousand dollars with which he funds his list projects (and pays rent, and buys food for two, and so forth) never seems to decrease. In this theory, there is a tenuous possibility that Catalina is some kind of angel.
  • It's in line with Dante: people in the purgatorium ascend to heaven only after they've repented. In Dante's account, ascension is honour-based. Prison was the second terrace; coma is the third.
  • It's shown that the money he won did decrease: in the prison plotline of Season 3, he used the very last of his money to fund a prom for the prison (yes, yes, ). But this would also be in line with your theory, since a few episodes later (well, the season finale), he gets almost the same amount of money back.
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  • Earl seems to live a pretty cheap lifestyle, it wouldn't surprise me that one of the few things he's good at is making modest winnings go a long way.
  • Earl is also a man of simple tastes. A bowl of 'the stuff that [Crabman] couldn't legally put in the crab cakes', a cold Heisler Gold and his friends are all he wants and really needs to be happy.
  • If this WMG was true, then this would be the biggest Kick the Dog Tear Jerker moment in the entire show. Its the ultimate "Shaggy Dog" Story from depression!
  • It would indeed be a very sad reality, given that Earl is... well... dead for one, and for another he is not truely helping out the people he wronged in his past. That said, you can't really say it's a "Shaggy Dog" Story from my point of view. Earl has truely taken it upon himself to become a better person. And he is succeeding. It's still depressing that this means nothing to those still living, but there is still very much a positive outcome.... Not that I take this theory seriously or anything... Just commenting... Heh.

The cop from "Cost Dad the Election" was working against Earl's dad and voted for the rich golfing guy
Seems odd that he'd send in a tape of Earl getting arrested for disorderly conduct twice for no stated reason other then to get the people of Camden to vote for the golf guy making the airplanes go over the community part the main cast and Earl's parents live in, doesn't it?.

At the end of "Bad Karma" Randy goes insane
His line at the end, "It's my show now" wasn't him breaking the fourth wall, It's him not recognizing fact from fiction anymore as one of the people he loved just died horribly and he can't handle life anymore.

Earl is narrating from beyond the grave
This is similar to the first WMG on this page, but different enough that I'll give it its own heading. Earl didn't die in his initial accident, but has died by the time he narrates the show. The giveaway is in the first season episode "Boogeyman." Earl theorizes that, after death, people can watch their lives like a TV show. Earl and Alby (the kid Earl's helping out this episode) then greet their future selves. When Alby does it, he faces the camera and says "Hi, Earl." But when it's Earl's turn, he looks off to one side. The implication is that we're seeing this from the dead Earl's perspective.

  • Possibly validated by Raising Hope. Earl Hickey has been memorialized with a nursing home, and there is both a tv show and a movie based on Earl's life.
    • Alby rolls over on his back and says "Hey, dead Earl." Earl looks to the side because that's where Alby is in relation to where Earl is. He then says "Hey, dead Alby," but he is looking into the camera. The above is an interesting theory but it doesn't make sense the way the troper has described it.

The DNA test was tainted
Think about it. Earl alerted Little Chubby that he had his DNA, and the results were delivered by Catalina. The Chubby's also have ties to nearly every business in Camden Country. It is VERY likely that he altered the results.
  • Also, even without the Chubby connection, this is Camden we're talking about. If they went out of Camden to a competent geneticist, doctor, or talk show host, it would likely prove that Earl Jr. is Darnell's, since Joy apparently never cheated on him except that one time with Earl, but the jury is out on Dodge.

*obligatory Time Lord guess*

There's an Expy of Earl and Randy somewhere.
Well, I mean, besides the evil Earl and Randy in Guadelatucky. If Liberty and Ray-Ray are meant to be expies of Joy and Darnell, it stands to reason that Liberty was once married to an unknown black man whose brother crashed on their couch, cheated on him with Ray-Ray, and then divorced him (and kicked her now ex-brother-in-law out) to marry Ray-Ray. Possibly, these Earl-and-Randy expies are working on a list of their own.
  • Maybe this is the person who would have approached Earl with a list of their own in what would have been the finale of the show.

Jasper is Earl Jr.'s dad
Two things: 1) Joy and Jasper likely knew each other pretty well, 2) ...he's the only other black guy on the show who's in more than a couple of episodes
  • Jossed. Word of God says that had the series continued after the finale of Season 4, Earl Jr.'s father would have been revealed to be a celebrity.

Patty the Daytime Hooker is in Witness Protection
Patty is extremely intelligent, possessing a master's degree, scored 1500 on her SAT exams, and speaks fluent Bengali. Yet she languishes in a small backwater town, works as a waitress at night and a hooker in the day. Why does that sound so familiar? Because the same thing happened with Darnell. He's an incredibly intelligent individual, but after entering Witness Protection, he had to take a lowly job as a fry cook. The same could easily have happened with "Patty." During the Cold War, she could have done a very bad thing. The guilt drove her to turn in her boss. She was sent into Witness Protection, and though enough time has passed that she's not really in danger (her appearance has also changed its doubtful anyone would remember her), she stays in the town out of guilt. Her own personal penance for that very bad thing.

Karma only works if it is invoked.
  • Earl is the only person who Karma really seems to have in it's grip, as the series shows, there are ALOT of people who do crappy things and nothing bad happens to them until an agent of Karma (Earl) enters the picture, hell, even before the show, Earl did his list of bad things with no real negatives until he decided to invoke Karma after his stay in hospital (the first car accident was just bad luck on his part), problem is the invokation is a dedication, you must consistently keep your karma good or bad stuff happens, he tried to start up a relationship with Alex and she got attacked by bees, simply because he wouldn't fix a bus stop, the invokation also cancels out if someone wholeheartedly stops believing, as when Earl got out of prison, nothing bad happened until enough people who believed in Karma gathered to let it strike again (with another car).

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