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Headscratchers / My Name Is Earl

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  • So Darnell gets relocated after getting caught on Estrada or Nada, But he was also on COPS. Why didn't he get relocated after that? They establish that Estrada or Nada was viewed by a lot of people, but isn't Cops a very popular show? Or did I just miss something?
    • He mentions being able to sign a 'release form' that allows him to appear on TV.
    • The whole thing on Estrada or Nada was played exceptionally over-the-top with Joy screaming out their address on camera. The COPS episode didn't have him in quite the same prominent and dangerous position.
    • He was also on camera in Season One when Earl was accused of kidnapping. No mention of trying to hide at all.
  • The cliffhanger! The Cliffhanger! It's not the fault of the writers or cast, but it does bug me that on such an extremely open note, with heavy implications of further plot twists to come in the second half, the show would be booted. Damnation!
  • Why didn't the Warden just hire Earl when it was time for him to be released if he didn't want him to leave so bad?
    • He was just as big an idiot as anyone else in Camden.
    • Because it wouldn't have been as dramatic.
    • It would cost him money instead of just taking advantage of his power to blackmail him.
    • because that's not how it went down in Shawshank Redemption
  • One thing that continually bothers me is all of the romantic hints/connections in the series that got dropped without explanation immediately after. Randy/Catalina of course being the most glaring example, the writing staff even seemingly forgetting about the apartment they owned.
    • After Randy and Catalina slept together, Randy told her it was just a green card marriage, so it's likely he moved back to the motel with Earl. Shortly after that, Earl and Randy got jobs. Earl lost his job when he went to jail, and Randy lost his early in season 3 when he couldn't figure out how to set the alarm clock.
    • Another bothersome one was the Earl/Ruby setup that such a big deal was made about in the Season 2 finale, only never to be mentioned again during or after Earl's prison sentence (actually, Earl mentions Ruby to another prisoner, saying that they agreed to see other people and it was more beneficial to her than it was to him), instead being replaced with the Billie storyline. Heck, even the Season 3 finale seemingly set a thing up with Randy/Greta to once again disappear the next episode.
    • Earl does mention her briefly:
    Earl: "...and we decided to see other people, which, in hindsight, was a much better deal for her"
    • Randy mentions that he is still dating Greta, she is just off at trucking school. Of course, we all know this is code for the actress joining the cast of True Blood.
      • Didn't Greta go back to the Amish-parody community?
      • That was Billie.
  • In the episode where Earl gives back his money, why didn't Earl and Randy move back in with their parents (or, at the very least, get a dinner or two off of them)?
    • Earl had not reconciled with his father yet, and did not know Randy's relationship with their parents was still good.
      • Not quite right. Earl gave all his money in episode #24 of the first season, but as soon as episode #9 he had already found out that Randy was in a good relationship with his parents. So probably Randy could have moved back with their parents, but he just stuck to Earl out of loyalty.
      • Earl had reconciled with his dad by the end of season one. Dad's car (episode #18) is about them bonding over a car and repairing their relationship in the process. Their relationship wouldn't have been an issue by this point, so they could have moved back into their parents house.
  • At the end of "Reading Is a Fundamental Case", Earl and Randy free Raynard from the mental asylum and give him some stuff (a camping tent and supplies) so he can live freely in the woods that he loves. But, how is Raynard actually be able to actually *live*? He has been shown unable to keep the easiest of jobs, and also unable to kill animals (he couldn't poison a rat's den), so he can't work nor hunt for his food. Previously he had survived by eating books (currently unavailable) and hallucinogenic berries, but what is he going to do now?

  • Why didn't everyone realise that Kenny was gay before he came out?
    • During the first Cops episode, Kenny quite obviously (to the audience) has a crush on Officer Stuart Daniels. This episode was aired on national television (at least, in-universe), so people must have picked up on something. And if that's not enough, at the end of the second Cops, Kenny admits his love to Stuart, only to be rejected. Is this supposed to just be insight on the situation that wasn't shown on the actual Cops episode? Or is everyone in Camden just too dumb to have noticed?
    • Truth in Television—it's very rude to assume someone's sexuality, especially if they keep denying that they're in a closet. In a place as stereotypically middle-class Southern as Camden County, where homophobia can be expected to run wild, it's even considered an insult to call someone gay because they act a certain way or have certain hobbies. Everyone probably brushed it off so as not to offend someone who's potentially just a "delicate" straight guy. And as for the confession in the second COPS, let's just assume that was an out-of-universe thing.