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Awesome / My Name Is Earl

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  • After taking an ungodly amount of crap from a Jerkass burger joint manager, Earl thinks about punching him, but thinks better of it... then decides why not, and socks him anyway. That one punch leads to the manager's wife discovering his mistress, throwing him out, and finding out he's been stealing from the restaurant. He winds up in jail, and the mistress dumped him too. And he's apparently the bottom to his big cellmate.
    • And to bring this full circle: the fast food employee that was on Earl's list (he stole his wallet in a bathroom stall), and who Earl was covering for at the joint while he's on his (delayed) honeymoon? The ex-wife makes the honeymooning employee the new manager.
  • Joy, doped up on happy pills and in the most chipper voice you can imagine, marching over to the obnoxious neighbors who hit Earl Jr. with a beer can, and explaining they have a few days to pack up and move. Or she's gonna return when the happy pills wear off, and thrash them in a very unpleasant manner. They wisely listen to her.
  • Awesome Music: It probably goes without saying, but Earl has a great classic-rock soundtrack.
    • Specific example that's also a moment in itself: after pushing himself to exhaustion trying to help an asshole of a fellow prisoner, Earl can only watch as the guy betrays him. So he goes back to the guy's cell and lights everything on fire, at which point "Fire" by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown cues up.
  • Natalie (Earl's ex-girlfriend) finally stands up for herself, dumps her Jerkass boyfriend, and opens an art gallery to show off all her paper-mache artwork.
  • After being hounded by Earl's ex-girlfriend turned badass bounty hunter, Jesse, Joy decides to quit running from her and fight. She completely wipes the floor with Jesse, knocking her two gold teeth out in the process. It should be noted that the only reason Jesse even became a bounty hunter was to get revenge on Joy for knocking her teeth out (thus requiring the gold ones).
  • Catalina standing up for herself during the tornado when everyone was stealing her stuff (the whole 'finders keepers' rule)... using a gun.
    Catalina: (waving around a gun) I am walked on as a maid! I am walked on as a stripper! I am walked on as an immigrant! I will not be walked on today!